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It's Been a While.

What with everything else going on in the life of a self published Author, I completely forgot I have a blog!

Well what a year this has been so far.

January Ist I released My Perfect Life at Cornish Cottage. This book has surpassed all expectations and is still doing well. I love reading the reviews and am amazed at how many people have related to Sophie.

Marius - The Devil's Son was next. I totally adore this series. I try to make each book better than the last and introduce new elements.

I also boxed up the series, and you can now buy all six novels for a cheaper price. If you bought the 4 novels currently priced at $2.99 and added in the two free ones it would have cost $11.96. I priced it at $8.99 so in effect you get 3 books free out of the 6.

And now Ashley.

When I sat down to write her book it was like putting on a comfy pair of pyjamas, after a nice hot bath.

It was like coming home. I absolutely love writing these books! Ashley's again is very different.

She has travelled to England to her punishment school. This was particularly challenging. A British Author, writing an American story, set in England.

I loved introducing my readers to the traditions of my home land, seen through Ashley's eyes. I had great fun with the characters in this, and once again tried something different. Marius had Vampires, Ashley has a touch of mystery. Watch out for her "Destiny," - he is something else!

I hope that she will be ready for ARCs by the beginning of April.

Join my closed Facebook group if you are interested in receiving one. Just copy and paste the following link.

Well you're probably bored by now so I'll leave it here.

I'm about to make a nice cup of tea because I have foolishly given up wine for Lent! What was I thinking???

Happy Spring everyone and remember to check out the giveaways page on my website - I'm not the only Author there, I have some great friends who are keen to share their FREE or bargain books with you - Enjoy!

Click on the Images for details.

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