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Faint Glow
Aunt Daisy's Letter

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A heart-warming story about love, loss and dreams that change over time.

Aunt Daisy was a woman of power. Successful, driven and in control of her own life, so when she died suddenly it was quite a shock.

Her niece Lily was the next powerful woman in the making and based everything in her own life on that of her successful Aunt. She was determined to walk in her shoes, which is why when they found Aunt Daisy’s notebook, it was given to Lily.

Tucked between the pages was a letter that Aunt Daisy wrote to herself. It turned out that far from being happy with her perfect life; she was about to change everything. She had many regrets and wanted to put them right, but never had the chance.

Lily makes a vow to honour her Aunt’s memory and complete the list before taking on her own new position of power. That way she would not have the same regrets in her own life that Aunt Daisy died with.

However, completing somebody else’s bucket list in four weeks proves to be a challenge Lily underestimated. Can she tick every item off the list and look back on her own life with no regrets, or will she discover there was a reason her Aunt failed in the first place?

In her travels, Lily discovers her Aunt’s shocking past and reaches a crossroads herself that could change the direction her own life is heading.

Follow Lily on her journey from London to Provence and discover the beauty of a life seen through open eyes. Will Aunt Daisy finally rest in peace, or is history about to repeat itself?

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