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The Grey Woman
The Grey Woman (3).jpg

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 A story about money, power & greed and the lengths some people go to get it. 

The ugly side of ambition.

How far would you go to achieve success and will you stop at nothing to get what you want?

Emma and Ronnie Carter are struggling. They work hard to pay their rent and can't see a way out of the deep rut they have fallen into. 
Emma works two jobs in the day and Ronnie works nights.

They may as well be strangers.

Emma works in a coffee shop in the centre of London. She serves the very people she aspires to be and listens in on conversations that make her own life seem dull and mundane.
One day she overhears something that could change her life forever. 
Is she bold enough to execute the plan forming in her mind, or will she regret stepping out of the shadows?
Money is a powerful aphrodisiac and the ruin of men. It sucks you in and promises the world and people will do anything to grasp it for themselves.

When you open Pandora's Box, prepare to face the consequences.
Emma Carter may think she wants it all now but will she like the person she's become and will she wish she never left the shadows at all?

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