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The Grey Woman
The Grey Woman.jpg

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How far would you go to get what you want?

Emma Carter works two jobs during the day and her husband Ronnie works nights. They just about make ends meet and she’s had enough.


She wants more.


Money is a powerful aphrodisiac and the ruin of men. It sucks you in and promises the world and people will do anything to grasp it for themselves. She is no exception.


She overhears a conversation that could change everything, but is she brave enough to see it through?

It’s time to venture out of the shadows and take what she wants and use what she knows to get it.


But Ronnie has other ideas and stands in her way and Emma will need to fight for what she wants or risk losing everything.

However, her husband has a secret that could destroy them both.


Will she wish she never left the shadows at all?

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