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Jetsetters (7).jpg

Typical, when I meet the man of my dreams—he is on his honeymoon.
This is the story of my life.

Most of my time is spent working and the only excitement I get is re-organising a cupboard on my day off.

I get my kicks from watching reality TV and talking to my potted plant Malcolm.

My family is desperate to marry me off to just about anybody because I am known locally as the weird one because I’m still single at 30. Tinder is no longer my friend and I am in serious need of a life makeover.
So, to escape my sad and lonely life I organised a trip away with my four closest friends.

Far from being a relaxing week of sun, sand, sea, and tequila it quickly descends into chaos.
Who knew that one week away would change so many lives forever?

PS: If you’ve ever wondered what your Cabin Crew get up to on a stopover—prepare to never look at them in the same way again.​

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