Foolin (3).jpg

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. 

If life isn't living up to your expectations, is it possible to stop and start again? 

Rachel Asquith thinks so. She escapes the city for Bluebell cottage in the tiny Hamlet of Perivale - one of those twinkling stars that fell to earth and took root. 
This place has it all. Beautiful beach, pretty cottage, fabulous views and a set of neighbours who take her in and make her one of their own. 

Then there are the men. 

Logan - hot, angry and intriguing. 
Jack - the local handyman who is extremely handy with his...
um tools. 
Then there's Max. The pilot/playboy who thinks life should be lived in the fast lane and does everything at supersonic speed. 

Rachel soon finds that choices need to be made. 

At some point, she needs to head home and face the mess she's caused. 

At some point, she will need to choose between her new life and old, and at some point, she needs to decide if she's just fooling in love again with the wrong person. 

However, the decision faces her much quicker than she thought when she needs her old life to rescue the new one. She must leave the place she now calls home in order to save it and in doing so may just lose the man she loves. 

Love is a complicated business - it's just a good thing business is what she does best.