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When Rachel discovered her fiancé was cheating, she did more than just walk away.

Heading to the small, sleepy seaside town of Perivale, Bluebell cottage was the perfect place to stop and think.

Surrounded by nature and simple pleasures, Rachel discovered a life that was very different from her high-powered one in London.

Her new life wasn’t without its complications and she was soon distracted by her brooding neighbour, Logan, and the cheeky local handyman, Jack. One she hates with a passion and one she has a passion for.

But life at Bluebell cottage was not all sea, sand, and sunshine because soon the storm clouds roll in and her new life is threatened.

Can Rachel save Bluebell cottage and her new life before the paint has even dried on her 'New Home' sign and is there really such a thing as happily ever after, anyway?


A sweet & light-hearted romance for fans of romantic comedy and starting over. A story of friendship, relationships and finding a place where you belong.

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