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Now an Audio Book

Sophie Bailey is your typical yummy mummy.
She lives in a small village where life is all coffee mornings and party plan.
Then one day, completely out of the blue, her husband left her for a younger woman.

Giving up wasn’t an option because she had a son to think of.

She had no husband, no self-esteem, no money, no job, no family to count on & zero prospects.

All she had left was her 6-year-old son, a boisterous puppy, a mad friend, a huge crush on her son’s teacher and an online dating profile - apparently!!

To add to her problems, she found herself the subject of the village gossip, pursued by the mafia (playground variety), forced into servitude and resigned to a lifetime of shopping in Poundland. To cap it all, she will be 40 in a matter of weeks.

Then just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse - her life went VIRAL!!!!

A bittersweet love story that will have you laughing out loud before crying into your latte. When life explodes around you, who can you really count on?
This is a story of shattered dreams and broken promises.
When life deals you a hard blow, you have no choice but to carry on.
Throw in a mad dose of humour and you can get through anything.

Can’t you?

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