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M J Hardy is my very serious pen name. Mary Jane was my father's mum and Hardy was the maiden name of my mother's - Vera Hardy. 

I wanted to write a story that was dark, gripping and compelling. I needed to publish this story under a pen name because it is completely different from my usual books. That book was The Girl on Gander Green Lane.

I hope you enjoy reading something a little different from me because I loved writing it.

Although this book is 100% fiction and my husband wants that underlined in red! Gander Green Lane is a real place near to the school I went to as a child. I always loved the name which is why I used it here.

I was over the moon with the reaction to this book. It quickly reached the top 100 in the UK after having only been published a few weeks. It reached the top 300 in the US - my highest ever ranking book.

Due to demand, I have published my second Thriller, The Husband Thief. At one point in this book, I put my head in my hands and wanted to shout at one of the characters. Even I couldn't believe what she was doing! I am so excited to share this book with you and hope you like it too.

Living the Dream soon followed and closely behind that came The Woman who Destroyed Christmas.

I am ecstatic to have reached the Top 100 in the UK, Australia and Canada for nearly all of my titles and even reached the number 1 spot in the entire Kindle store in Australia with The Girl on Gander Green Lane. They have been included in the Amazon Prime catalogues around the world and received many five star reviews from readers. 

2019 was a good year for M J Hardy and I am hoping to continue the success with my newest release - The Grey Woman. 

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