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If you love a small-town romance with cosy and delightful characters, welcome to Dream Valley.
Settle down in a magical place that time forgot, where the sea sparkles, the countryside warms your soul and the future is bright.

When Sammy Jo heads to Dream Valley to marry eligible bachelor Marcus Hudson, on the surface, it appears she has everything.

Previously unlucky in love and desperate for a new beginning, she is hopeful for a gorgeous new life.

But this is no ordinary match made in heaven and when Sammy learns the reason behind the proposal, she has a very difficult decision to make.

If she marries the man she loves, she could destroy Dream Valley and if she walks away, it will be nursing a broken heart.

Curl up with a sweet, cosy romance with a little twist to brighten your day and discover an array of quirky characters in a place where magic happens and dreams come true.

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Dream Valley (3).jpg
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