Finally the wait is over and you can Pre order payback for delivery on the 2nd April. I have really enjoyed writing this one and honestly my head hurt at the end of it. Please if you are going to read it leave me a review on Amazon. They are like gold dust to an Author and I appreciate every one.


As I have mentioned previously it is very important to an Author to get some good reviews for their books. I have found out that there are many ways to do so and one is to offer a book free in exchange for a review. I would love to have genuine reader's reviews for my books so have decided to offer my readers an incentive to post a review. As Premier Deception is currently free to download I would like to offer the first 5 people who place a nice review a £5 amazon Giftvoucher to use as they wish as a thank you from me. Just e mail me a link to your review or post it here in the comments including your e mail address and I will send it to you. My e mail address is: Hap

To Review or Not To Review.......??

As a new Author (I know, one day I'll stop mentioning this) it is seemingly very hard to get people to find your book let alone read it. This is where the reviews matter more than the actual sale of the book. If you have a good review it encourages others to read it with more confidence than one that apparently nobody else has read. I myself am guilty of being review shy. When faced with the question either at the end of a book or via e mail to, "Review this purchase" a thousand thoughts instantly go through my mind. I start to worry about it as I hover over the keyboard. What if people don't like what I have to say, what if I spell something wrong and am ridiculed throughout cyber space, wh

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