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Holly Island

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A magical festive romance, bringing a group of people together with friendship, new beginnings, and finding love. This enchanting and uplifting read will have you both laughing and crying as you rediscover the magic of Christmas.

Scarlett Robins lives her life through the pages of the books she sells because her reality is no fairy tale.

Then she saw an advert that changed everything.

***Escape to Holly Island and enjoy two weeks for the price of one***

It seemed too good to be true.

It was.

She imagined five-star luxury in a place where dreams come true.

  • Drinking creamy hot chocolate while toasting marshmallows on an open fire.

  • Bracing walks along the seashore to energise her mind.

  • Glorious food prepared lovingly by the Michelin starred chef, while she was tucked up in the library reading the latest bestseller.

  • No problems, no worries – just perfect.

However, Holly Island turned out to be very different from the one described in the advert.

She found herself stranded on an island with a group of strangers who certainly lived up to the name. The staff had left and they needed to pull together to make Christmas special.

However, Scarlett soon discovered that they all had their secrets and nothing prepared her for what she was about to discover.

Scarlett wanted the fairy tale but do they exist in this brave new world?

Is it really possible to enjoy Christmas without the trappings of modern life and are the simple pleasures lost forever in a sea of commercialism?

Escape to Holly Island they said. What they forgot to mention was that once you arrived, there was no way back.

Just when you thought the magic of Christmas was lost forever, Holly Island proves that it does exist and finds you when you least expect it

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