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Can't wait for Christmas - I've got it covered xx

Can two people who hate Christmas save it?

 When billionaire Robert Harvey received several threatening Christmas cards, he called in the professionals to solve the mystery.

However, He never expected Detective Constable Jessica Taylor to be the answer to his prayers.

 Like him, she is career driven, abrupt and focused and desires no friends or life outside of her occupation.

They say opposites attract, but kindred spirits are a force to be reckoned with, and Robert is immediately drawn to the feisty detective.

To avoid suspicion, they devise a fake relationship as a cover story, but living in close proximity will prove extremely challenging.

However, as Jessica delves deeper into Robert’s life to find the ‘Postman’ she soon discovers that he, or she, is the least of her problems.

 Family life is about to collide with their professional one and for two people who hate the festive season, they must step up and make it the most magical one ever before the Postman delivers his promise and makes it their last Christmas.  

My Christmas Billionnaire (Book Cover) (1).jpg

Polly found herself agreeing to be a stranger’s fake girlfriend for Christmas to their mutual benefit.
Miles Carlton was the perfect boyfriend. He took her to places she never thought she’d see, and Christmas soon took on a new meaning. Suddenly, she was seeing it through fresh eyes and she liked it—a lot.

As the snow falls and the magic of Christmas captures her heart, Polly discovers that she’s no longer faking something that will only end in tears.
Then an opportunity presents itself that could change her life. But Christmas is fast approaching and she is running out of time.

Fate works in mysterious ways and their worlds are set on a collision course. Soon they are fighting for more than their own Happy Ever After and when the snow melts, who or what will be left standing?

My Xmas Romance Vellum (1).jpg

I really enjoyed this book! Victoria and Charles run their respective departments in an impressove London law firm. Victoria thinks Charles is too lax and friendly with his staff, Charles thinks Victoria is too uptight and allows the job to be her life. Both of them want the job of Managing Director that is coming open in the New Year. To their surprise, the firm's owner decides they must complete an "Advent Challenge", one task each day of Dec., leading up to Christmas. But, worse than that, they must complete it TOGETHER.

Advent (3).jpg

All available in paperback

 Thrilling..A must read

What a book! full of intrigue one page to the next, it comes with some very quirky characters who pull together in a time of need, and builds friendship and love throughout the book, with a fascinating unexpected ending, brilliantly written by an author with great imagination I absolutely loved it.

Holly Island.jpg

All available in paperback

the woman who destroyed xmas.jpg

A wild ride!!!

Wow. This has turned out to be quite a twisted story. You think it’s about Lily and Oliver, and it is, but then there is Alice, Florence, David, Toby, Peter... how this story turned and flipped and made me have to close my jaw every time it dropped was incredible. I love you M J Hardy but you scare me... lol. Everyone please read this hold your breath while sitting on the edge of your seat book!!!

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