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New Beginnings in Dream Valley
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When Eliza Benson saw a job advertised on her way to work, she couldn’t believe her luck.

Writer requires a live-in assistant for six months to assist with admin and housekeeping duties.

It came at the perfect time because she was desperate to ditch her dreary life in London as a legal secretary and start over.

Despite her mother’s horror at the thought of her only child living with a stranger, Eliza took the position and headed to the small town of Dream Valley to meet her new employer, who turned out to be the darling of daytime television, actor Bill Monroe.

It was all going to plan until Eliza realised she had none of the qualities needed. As it turns out, faking your CV to get a job has repercussions. How could she be the perfect housekeeper when she couldn’t even boil water?

With the help of the locals, Eliza began a crash course in all things domestic in a bid to stay.

Then Bill’s wife and son arrived, and Eliza discovered she had been set up and his family had an ulterior motive for her employment.

Lurching from one crisis to another, Eliza is determined to show she is more than capable and despite hating Bill’s controlling, dominant son Blake on sight, she is soon involved in a deception of the most complicated kind.

Can Eliza prove she can boil water with ease and excel at all things domestic, and will Bill ever discover the lengths his family has gone to on his behalf?

Set in Dream Valley, a small-town set by the sparkling sea, and home to a cast of crazy characters, Eliza and Blake find more than they bargained for.

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