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Full of love, sparkle, secrets, log fires, mistletoe, friends and much-loved traditions. 

An explosion of everything Christmas in a book.

 After what is going down in history as the worst day of her life – so far – Annie Anderson finds herself on a train heading home for Christmas.

Going against all the laws of travelling on British Rail, she strikes up a conversation with the angry man opposite.

After downing his supply of brandy (residing in a convenient hip flask) they soon discover they have something in common. He needs a girlfriend, and she needs a boyfriend – for Christmas, anyway.

In a haze of brandy fumes, she agrees to be his date to a family wedding. In return, he will accompany her home and play the role of her boyfriend for Christmas.

With no regard for her safety, armed only with Dutch courage, and her sense of adventure, she follows him into what can only be described as the most exciting Christmas ever.

Be prepared for Christmas overload. Lavish parties, candlelit tables surrounded by festive foliage, delicious scents of cinnamon mixing with cider and spice creating magical memories.

The perfect place to fall in love and create warm, blissful memories to take into a dazzling new year.

Celebrate the joy of Christmas in this gorgeous novel, celebrating the importance of friendship, the magic of love, and finding happiness by being true to yourself.

Hardback UK
Hardback US
Paperback AU

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