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Escape to Happy Ever After where all your happy endings are guaranteed.

When Susie Mahoney was gifted a break to Happy Ever After she couldn’t pack her bags quickly enough, she had to do something to break the run of bad luck she was experiencing.

She was fast approaching the age where all her friends had settled down and found their ‘one’ and she was running out of options.

Happy Ever After, as it turns out, is a sweet little bed & breakfast on the Dorset coast and as soon as she sets eyes on the little cottage nestling in a valley before a sparkling sea, she falls in love.

Surely this is the perfect place to set her life back on track and consider her options. Long walks in the fresh air to concentrate her mind. Hearty meals to raise her energy levels and cosy evenings in the local pub beside a flickering fire curled up with a good book. Perfect.

However, what she didn’t realise was the invitation was for two and her ‘plus one’ was already unpacked and making himself at home. There is also a Fossil club convention in town meaning every room on the Jurassic coast is occupied and she has to spend the next week with a stranger.

Freddie Carlton receives an invitation to escape to Happy Ever After and was particularly interested in the ‘happy ending’ it promised. Having had a disastrous run of bad luck with women he was prepared to try anything.

He wasn’t prepared to discover that his ‘one’ had already been chosen for him and was seriously annoying. A woman who arrived with more baggage than an Airbus and was in no mood to share.

Will Happy Ever After work its magic and give them both the happy ending they deserve, or will fate continue to throw obstacles in their path and turn their bad start into a very complicated ending?

A letter really can change your life. (1
A letter really can change your life. (1
A letter really can change your life. (1

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