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Cruising in Love (1).jpg

Two best friends.

One broken heart.

Seven dates in seven days.

One life-changing decision.


When Florence walked away from her wedding without her groom by her side, she thought she would never be happy again.

In a bid to put the whole experience behind her she went on honeymoon with her bridesmaid Sammy Jo.

Against her better judgement they signed up for the ship’s cruising in love programme where single passengers are paired up in a bid to find their shipmate.

Seven dates in seven days with a love match at the end and another week to get to know one another.

Then Florence and Sammy Jo are made an offer they should definitely refuse. Will it steer them in the wrong direction or prove to be everything they ever wanted in life?

What could possibly go wrong?

A light-hearted romance about starting again and discovering that everything happens for a very good reason.

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