My full name is Sharon Jane Crabb - now you know what the initials stand for. 

I live in the UK with my husband, daughter and naughty dog, Teddy.

When I left school I worked in Harrods before joining Monarch Airlines as cabin crew.

I have been married for ages to my husband Andy who puts up with a lot being the only man in a house full of females. Yes, Teddy is a girl - short for Tedwina Tomato (Don't ask!)

I am now a full-time Author thanks to all my lovely readers and can't quite believe my luck that I get to go to work in my PJs.

Early this year - 2019 - I created a new pen name - M J Hardy for my serious stuff.

Who knew I would switch between Romantic comedy & Psychological Thrillers? 

I love this dark side of me and have spent a large part of this year building up my new pen name.

Don't worry though, I am about to write my Christmas story which brings me way too much pleasure to call it work.

I love Florida, Nickelback and trash TV. I read lots and spend way too much time on Facebook laughing at strange videos when I'm supposed to be working.

Please excuse the frankly embarrassing photos, you can plainly see I'm in no way a professional at this.

Thank you for your support in keeping my imagination running riot - I appreciate every single download and purchase you make.

Sharon xx