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This book was previously published as Will You by the same author.

Unlucky in love, unlucky in business, and unlucky in life.

Surely Cupid couldn’t make the same mistake twice!

Settle down for a brand new laugh-out-loud, feel-good read, with embarrassing parents, sibling rivalry, excruciating situations and a past that just won’t stay there.

When a rival shop opens opposite, Nelly is shocked to discover it’s owned by Jack Mason, her schoolgirl crush. 

He was always well out of her league and, being the nerdy daughter of the headmaster, she never stood a chance.
Fast forward a few years and he’s back in her life.

Love quickly turns to hate when your dream is threatened, and Nelly wastes no time in telling Jack exactly what she thinks of him.

Apparently, his ego never left him because he doesn’t take the hint and has an indecent proposal for Nelly that she can’t turn down.
When things get complicated, she wonders if she’s made a huge mistake.

In dating her enemy, she may lose everything she worked incredibly hard for and could end up with no business at all.

For fans of feel-good romance and romantic comedy.

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