My Parting Gift

In December I left my sales job after 12 years selling greetings cards to shops in the South East of England. I loved what I did but then I started writing.

Now I am in a position to write full-time and was faced with the daunting prospect of handing in my resignation.

I found it so hard because my colleagues were so much more than that. We were a family and it was hard to say goodbye to that.

So, I decided to write a play with them in it. I tried to include them all, highlighting their characteristics as a reminder of the happy times. 

This is the first play I have ever written and probably the last. It was my parting gift to a fabulous group of people whom I will always remember fondly.

I hope you enjoy my little story even though it won't mean anything to you. I have exaggerated the situation - of course - but they are based on fact.

I will miss them all even though they are unlikely to ever speak to me again after they read it!