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The Knights of Fallen County

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Scarlett Knight comes from a family who put the 'Knight' into nightmares.

She hates them all with a passion and has to spend her whole Summer playing happy families.
Due to a deal made by her parents, she lives with her mother but has to spend the holidays with her father and much-hated half brothers and sisters.
The only good news is her father found her a summer job at a local bar.
Drake and Dylan Bennigan become the family she never had.
She falls in love with them both but one of them becomes a lot more.
However, her father had an ulterior motive for getting her the job and she soon discovers that things are not so straightforward.
Suddenly, she is caught between her family and her new one.
It takes a special kind of cunning to get one over on her father and Scarlett will do everything in her power to win.
This turns out to be a Summer that none of them will ever forget.

Fans of urban fantasy and romance with a hint of paranormal will fall in love with The Knights of Fallen County. A captivating new series for fans of high school drama with a paranormal twist.

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