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If you love a great festive read then you will be pleased to hear this is heading your way shortly.

Totally mad and crammed full of festive fun, you won't know what's going to happen next.

Annie needs a boyfriend and Liam a girlfriend. 

After a chance meeting on the train, they agree to help each other out.

Annie will accompany Liam to a family wedding and then they will head home to her family Christmas.

Just a few days of festive deception to get them through their ordeals.

The trouble is - these are not just ordinary families and Christmas turns out to be anything but normal!



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Now Available on Audio Book

Meet Madison Brown, a hardworking Sales Rep who thinks that life at her age is all about experiences. She lives with her best friend Ginge, an Air Stewardess, whose boyfriend is none other than Rock God, Tommy Carzola of the rock band Crash & Burn

This year, however, Madison decides that her New Years Resolutions must mean something and it is time to change her life. 
Will she find True Love, get the promotion at work, not 
impulse buy and above all be kind to Cardigan Darren, her neighbour

This book takes us through this life-changing year for Madison, Ginge and Cardigan Darren. However, all is not plain sailing in the pursuit of happiness and Madison finds herself in a predicament. Can she combine business and pleasure and have it all? Will Cardigan Darren ever forgive her for finding Love and how will he cope when his life changes forever? Can Ginge carry on following her boyfriend around the world and what is the secret that he is keeping from her? 

There are many other characters that influence their lives along the way, and this proves to be the year to change all of their lives forever. However are they ready for the change that is inevitable?

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Falcondell The Devil’s Son by S J Crabb is the first book in a new paranormal young adult series. High school is tough for everyone, but throw in the fact that you’re the new girl with a huge secret and it’s torture. Grace has not had a normal childhood. She has spent most of her life with guardians, but she has been given an opportunity to live with her aunt and cousin and go to school. Falcondell is like many high schools with the different cliques. There are the athletes, the cool kids, and the invisibles. For Grace handing with the invisible crowd seems safe; however, Ash the leader of the cool group and number one bad boy, has his eyes set on Grace. This whirlwind attraction turns the social groups upside down and makes it harder for Grace to stay hidden. S J Crabb does a terrific job making her characters come alive. I was pulled in by both Ash’s and Grace’s secrets. The ending stops with just enough of a cliffhanger to make the readers want more. I think the situations the characters find themselves in outside of the huge secrets are situations a lot of high school students face. For example trying to find where they fit in, social situations, and sexual expectations and frustrations. I look forward to reading the next installment.

This was such a lovely wee book!

This is the first book I have read by this author and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. The pace was lovely and the story was light-hearted. It made for a very enjoyable read and one that I found very easy to pick up and enjoy each day, after work. I found myself flying through chapters, each night, as I didn't really want to put it down. I thought the characters were well developed and easy to get to know. This made it very easy to become attached to a few and made me want to see where the story led them.

I liked the author's writing style and really felt that it was a good, calming and fun read to enjoy. I highly recommend it, if you are wanting something to sit a relax with, and have a little fun.

Amazon Review 

My Perfect Life at Cornish Cottage

           Amazon Review

Falcondell - The Devil's Son


Sharon Crabb lives in Surrey England with her husband, daughter and little westie. She started life after school working in a department store but soon left to become an Air Stewardess. After five years she left to pursue a career in sales.

She started writing a short time ago and has been well and truly bitten by the bug. Her first book was actually Premier Deception but before she could edit this the need to write The Diary Of Madison Brown took over and became the first book that she published on Amazon. 

She loves Florida with a passion, eating chocolate and listening to non stop Nickelback.

If she could she would have learned the guitar and played in a rock band. 

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1st January 2018 - Jetsetters - Watch this space


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