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My Christmas Boyfriend

After what is going down in history as the worst day of her life – so far – Annie Anderson finds herself on a train heading home for Christmas.
Going against all the laws of traveling on British Rail, she strikes up a conversation with the angry man opposite. After downing his supply of brandy (residing in a convenient hip flask) they soon discover they have something in common.
He needs a girlfriend and she needs a boyfriend – for Christmas anyway.
In a haze of brandy fumes, she agrees to be his date to a family wedding. In return, he will accompany her home and play the role of her boyfriend for Christmas.
With no regard for her safety, and armed only with Dutch courage, and her sense of adventure, she follows him into what can only be described, as the craziest Christmas ever.
Be prepared for Christmas overload. 
A festive and funny Romance, with lots of bad behavior and Christmas spirit. 

On offer this weekend 99c or 99p

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The Diary Of Madison Brown

Now available in audiobook

Meet Madison Brown, a hardworking Sales Rep who thinks that life at her age is all about experiences. She lives with her best friend Ginge, an Air Stewardess, whose boyfriend is none other than Rock God, Tommy Carzola of the rock band Crash & Burn. This year, however, Madison decides that her New Years Resolutions must mean something and it is time to change her life. Will she find True Love, get the promotion at work, not impulse buy and above all be kind to Cardigan Darren, her neighbour? This book takes us through this life changing year for Madison, Ginge and Cardigan Darren. However, all is not plain sailing in the pursuit of happiness and Madison finds herself in a predicament. Can she combine business and pleasure and have it all? Will Cardigan Darren ever forgive her for finding Love and how will he cope when his life changes forever? Can Ginge carry on following her boyfriend around the world and what is the secret that he is keeping from her? There are many other characters that influence their lives along the way, and this proves to be the year to change all of their lives forever. However are they ready for the change that is inevitable?

My Perfect Life at Cornish Cottage

Now available in audiobook

Meet Sophie Bailey: 

I thought I had everything I ever wanted in life. 
The perfect son, perfect husband and perfect puppy.
We all live in our cosy cottage in the most delightful village. It may not be Cornwall but then not everybody gets to live the dream do they?

One day, completely out of the blue my perfect life explodes all around me and life will never be the same again. My rose tinted glasses are firmly knocked off my head and suddenly I am thrust into a whole new world that only happens to other people. I end up as village gossip fodder, find myself obsessing about my son's teacher, am forced into a life of servitude and resign myself to a life shopping in poundland. 
My family hate me - actually they always did, and my son decides to become a vegetarian in case we have to resort to eating the dog. 

My life is now firmly out of control along with my over active imagination. When I think that things can't possibly get any worse - my life goes viral!

madison Brown
My Perfect Life

My Kids live in Cyber Space and my mother lives in Cloud Cuckoo land. Me - I live in denial.
Somehow, I've got to the stage in life where my teenagers obviously hate me, my mother abandons me for exciting adventures and my ex-husband is getting re-married.
I am left gazing lustfully at just about any fit guy in an HRT induced belief that they would be attracted to me.
Is this really what I've become?
Have I reached the point in life where I should give up and accept my fate?
The trouble is, I always wanted more from life and now it appears to be on fast-forward.
So, it's decision time. Do I just accept my lot with resignation and gratitude? Or do I take control and embrace the unknown?
What would you do?

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Follow Amanda's path to re-discover the girl she once was before the woman she became took over. 

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