Love is a disease that destroys and weakens an otherwise strong man or woman. It makes them do foolish things and clouds their mind of judgment. The path we Knight’s tread has no room on it for love. We do not feel - we survive.
Then I met Luna and everything changed.
The looks of a supermodel and the soul of an Angel. Beautiful inside and out and the total opposite of everything I'm used to.
A modern day beauty and the beast. A beast who lives for Retribution and lets nobody in - not even his own family.
If she knew who I was she would run screaming with the rest of them. 
I have to find out. I have to win her heart.

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Scarlett Knight comes from a family of nightmares. She hates them all with a passion and has to spend her whole Summer playing happy families. Due to a deal made between her parents she lives with her mother but has to spend the holidays with her father and her much hated half brothers and sisters. Luckily for her though her father has found her a summer job at a local bar and it is here that Scarlett finds a place where she belongs. Drake and Dylan Bennigan are the family she never had. She falls in love with them both but one of them becomes a lot more. However her father had an ulterior motive for getting her the job and she soon discovers that things are not as straightforward as she first thought. Suddenly she is caught between her family and her new found friends. She will have to act quickly to save them from her father's plans. However he is not the sort of person you would want to upset so it will take all of her cunning and manipulation to carry out her plan. This turns out to be a Summer that none of them will ever forget.



New school, new family, new life? Having moved around all of her life Grace longs to settle down and live life as a normal girl. The trouble is she is far from normal and is protecting a secret that must never be discovered. So whos great idea was it to send her to live in a town rooted in fear and at the mercy of the Knight family? Jake Knight rules the town through violence and intimidation and nobody gets in his way. His nephew Ash is the leader of the most feared gang in the area and is used to getting what he wants. It’s never difficult for him as there is not a hotter guy around than him and he just takes whatever or whoever he wants. Grace has other ideas though and vows to keep well hidden from him by joining the “Invisibles.” With her cousin Gabe as her protector she cannot fail - or so she thinks.
However Ash soon discovers that not everything in life is easy and he finds himself in unfamiliar territory. Fighting demons of his own he is drawn to Grace like a moth to a flame. His evil girlfriend Skylar is not about to let him go easily and you would not want to get on the wrong side of her. No, High school is never easy and what happens at Falcondell is the stuff of nightmares. 
If you like a good High school romance with a bad boy to die for then this is for you. 
Can somebody who is so good ever be with somebody who is completely evil? Ash and Grace are at opposite sides of the spectrum and this year changes them both forever.


When Ash and Grace return to Falcondell there have been a few changes. There is a new bad boy in Town who shows no fear. Life is certainly not going to be easy for anyone this semester and the strain soon begins to show. 
Skylar is also out for revenge and makes no secret of it. Grace begins to fear for all of their safety and must make sure that her secret remains just that. However Ash is soon pre-occupied with a rival gang and nobody is safe. 
There is a new family in town who appear to have some secrets of their own and Grace is soon warned that she is not safe. Somebody is coming for her and no one will be able to protect her. Soon she has to face up to who she is and fulfil her destiny. The trouble is the person facing her is the one she fears the most. Will she make it through and who suffers the consequences along the way? 

Lucas Knight has it all. Girls want to be with him and guys in his gang. He also has certain powers that mean that life is plain sailing for him and he comes from a family that everybody fears - with good reason.
Nobody messes with the Knight family because if you do there is Hell to pay - literally.
Then there is Rose. Her family life is very different. Being the daughter of a preacher is hard work especially when he thinks that it is still the 1900s. Life is full of study and Church and there are strictly no boys allowed. She is a good girl who does everything she can to obey her father because if he is angry the punishment is too much to bear. However Rose doesn't know that she has a secret that is about to come out. What happens next shatters everything and there is no going back.



Savannah Knight is the Queen of Mean, The Queen of Cool and with her twin sister Ashley she rules the school. They have everything. Good looks, designer clothes, the best looking guys and no shortage of people wanting to be their friends. 

All of that is about to change because they have well and truly upset their father and he is the last person on earth that you would want upset with you. 
So now Savannah has been split up from her sister and everything that she knows and is speeding off to her punishment school. She is alone for the first time in her life and is about to learn a very harsh lesson. 

Savannah is angry and vows revenge on her father. She will do everything she can to distance herself from him and what starts out as a harmless prank soon causes repercussions that affect not only her life but that of everyone she meets. 

The trouble is when you are the Devil's Daughter when your family comes to Town to sort out your mess -There's Hell to Pay. 


Are you ready to face Hell on Earth?

Marius is about to find out that being the son of the Devil isn't going to help him in the slightest.
No Marius is about to face the greatest challenge yet and his fists won't solve this particular problem.
Suddenly life is going to get a whole lot more difficult as he comes up against his greatest challenge yet.
He will need to dig deep and look outside his usual life if he stands any chance at all against the biggest adversary that he has ever faced.
The trouble is it's not just about him this time; somebody's life depends on it.


Ashley is the Devil's Daughter and one of the meanest girls around. Along with her twin sister, they control everything around them. Super Hot and super wealthy, everyone wants to be their friend. Life is certainly good to them - or it was until they upset their father big time.

Now they have been split up and sent away to learn their lesson. Ashley is on a plane, bound for England with nothing but her bitter thoughts to keep her company.
She is about to discover that things are very different there. 

Soon she is caught up in another world. Old crumbling, halls contain sinister secrets within its walls. Students hiding terrible secrets are playing a dangerous game. Alongside great wealth and privilege exists the lowest form of life.
Life in England is not just Champagne and Polo. there is a price to pay for living among the elite. 
The price you pay is your soul.


What do you fear?
I fear nothing. My heart is empty and my emotions banished to a dark place in my soul. I don’t seek love, I repel it.
The girls that come into my life do so for just a moment in time. I allow nobody to get close and am happier for it.
It appears that my father has other ideas. 
Cold, hard and calculating, he has taught me well over the years. Throughout my life, I have hardened my soul. My brothers and sisters crave love, I repel it. We have had no love in our lives which has made them look for it elsewhere. My motto is, love em and leave em, and I take this very seriously.
Now I have a job to do. There will be no room for emotion. I will encase myself in steely resolve and cloak my heart. I will show no mercy and take no prisoners. There will be no room for compassion and I will deal out retribution with no regard for humanity. I am about to realize my destiny, nothing will get in my way.
Or will it? 
There comes a time in everyone’s life when you must face your fears. I am no exception.


My name is Devlin Knight. You may know me by another name: Satan, Lucifer or the most widely known one - The Devil.

You have every reason to fear me if you are brought to my attention. I excel at retribution and relish punishing an evil soul. My heart is black and my soul unrelenting. I walk among you, watching and waiting for you to fall.
I don't walk alone.

Allow me to introduce my family.
Seven children who all hate me with a passion.
They want to escape me and their fate - like I would ever let that happen.
No, they need to be taught a lesson. Spoilt, rich kids, who have everything that money can buy. Now they need to stand up and be counted. They are my children for a reason, they are about the learn what that involves.


This is their story.